Hardware Vendors

Hardware vendors upload redistributable firmware to the LVFS site packaged up in an industry-standard .cab archive along with a Linux-specific metadata file.

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End Users

The fwupd daemon allows session software to update device firmware on the local machine. Designed for desktops, it is also usable on phones, tablets and on servers.

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LVFS and fwupd are Open Source projects with contributions from dozens of people from different companies. Plugins allow many different protocols to be supported.

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“We have been constantly finding vulnerabilities in the UEFI ecosystem and realizing it's a huge challenge to patch them industry-wide. Having a consistent way to deliver validated firmware updates is a game changer.”

- Alex Matrosov, Binarly

“LVFS is strategically important for Dell to be able to provide secure firmware updates in a standards-compliant way even if they choose not to run a factory pre-loaded image.”

- Mario Limonciello, Dell

“Firmware updates are more critical than ever — LVFS helps solve a major industry problem that no one wants to figure out, where to find and install the latest updates across all the components that are part of a device.”

- Alex Bazhaniuk, Eclypsium

“LVFS enables quick, easy and timely BIOS updates, so countless customers can enjoy the flexibility of open source Linux-based systems.”

- Xavi Garcia, HP

“Standardizing on LVFS has helped Lenovo seamlessly distribute our firmware updates to our customers across numerous Linux distributions.”

- Rob Herman, Lenovo

“Through leveraging LVFS, Logitech has been able to successfully distribute firmware for its mice and keyboards to Linux users so they can update their products directly from their Linux system.”

- Olivier Gay, Logitech

“The LVFS has proven easy and reliable to use, for both us and our customers, with a well thought out setup that allows us to ship firmware quickly and safely. It brings our Linux offering to a whole new level.”

- Sean Rhodes, Star Labs

“LVFS has provided our customers with easy, standardized firmware updates for Wacom products used with open source systems. Our engineers love the efficiency of LVFS, and our customers benefit from seamless FW updates.”

- Kamalesh Patel, Wacom

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